Everything here is WORK FRIENDLY -- thought be careful of the ART link to Deviant Art -- it can be less so. Though still mostly okay. Cuz that's how I roll, as the kids say.

The COMIX page is all my comic book stuff. The entire WANDERING STAR series is there, though I am currently talking with a publisher about printing an OMNIBUS, so that may change soon. Just be warned!

Again, thanks for dropping in. :)


Yes, occasionally I have news. Please see my Livejournal page, my Facebook page, or my Twitter for updates on what I’m doing these days.

Fair warning, it’s not always about Art. I post a lot of stuff about my interests, my life, my dogs, and all kinds of @#$. So fair warning.

Psst -- Livejournal does have TAGS. Which can be helpful if you’re just looking for ART updates.!

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