Key to my office, and my 1995, biography photo.

key to my biography photo
  1. My Inks over the Terry Moore pencils for the DC Comics, SANDMAN: A GALLERY OF DREAMS #1.
  2. A page from Wandering Star that I was working on at the time.
  3. I believe this is the “Old Casandra” print. Which I’ll probably have on the next page of my “Historical” section... :)
  4. In this digital age, I’m thinking a lot of new, comic artists may never need one of these. It’s a Cutting Board.
  5. I think this was my monthly schedule, listing what I needed to accomplish every day.
  6. You can barely see it, but that is one of the infamous, Neil Gaiman postcards.
  7. Tiny drawing I did of Clairese, a character from a series I still hope to publish one day, DARKLIGHT
  8. Parrot bar, so my Twerpy Bird could hang out with me when I was drawing.
  9. A ROACHMILL drawing I got from he artist, after I featured his book in one of my THE CARTOONIST toons in AMAZING HEROES magazine.
  10. A really old, obsolete, ionizer, air cleaner.
  11. A BARBIE WHISTLE TORCH. These were all the rage in the mid-90s. I was so happy when I found it at one of the early, local, dollar stores.
  12. COMICS SCENE magazine, in which I think a book I was doing the art chores on, RHUDIPRRT: THE PRINCE OF FUR, was mentioned.
  13. The DC COMICS rejection letter, where they PS’d a note saying how much they loved THE CARTOONIST. Heh.  By the way, if you're curious about what some of my "Try Outs" looked like, here is a link to the ones I sent John Northey for his Fansite.
  14. Twerp Parrot’s cage.  I so miss that bird.
  15. My old, Brother Word Processor. On which I wrote all my early books, and printed up the text for my editorials and letter pages.  Mine was just a bit older than this one, as it only took, single-density, floppy discs.
  16. The little gray thing is one of my two, rubber stamps. I used these for the tops of my art pages, which would be mailed to the printer. One said, Book____Page____, and the other said “Pen & Ink Comics, c/o Teri S. Wood and my address. These babies saved me a lot of time!
  17. My bed was that way. It was a cramped area. But it worked for me.


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