The CBG Ads


Once upon a time, the Heart of the comic book industry was the Comics Buyer’s Guide Newspaper, run by Maggie and Don Thompson. Everybody read it.  It was where you went to find out what was happening in Comics.

The CBG used to have this little promotion where they would offer a free, personal, classified ad to everyone who bought a yearly subscription. Most people used them to say “Hi!” to their friends, or wish a “Happy Birthday” to a family member.

But being evil, I wondered what would happen if I offered up a free copy of my original, small press #1 to anyone who used that ad to say they liked my book. So I did. And this is what happened.

For several months you couldn’t hardly open a CBG classified section without seeing one of “my” ads. It was so freaking cool! And really helped my sales.

And here they are, all collected together, and printed on the back of my old, Pen & Ink, trade paperback. I hope I didn’t miss anybody...


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