Hi All,

I am opening myself up for commissions again.  Thanks to my friend Brian Daniels who gave me the most amazing pep talk when I needed it most. It sparked my confidence, and rekindled my creativity.  And I've been drawing like crazy since.  Thank you, Brian.

And I want to keep that ball rolling, and see where that spark goes.  So, for the time being, I am offering up 9"x12" drawings for $35 each, $9 shipping (up to 4/ After that itíll be whatever the Post Office charges me.) 

Now, since this is mostly about my relearning the love of drawing, I ask that you give me 1-2 characters, then let me do what inspiration asks me to do with them.

They may be in color or they may be in shades of gray.  And occasionally, there will be another bonus character in there if the idea I want to do requires it.  But you can be sure that I will push myself to create something I am proud of.   Also, I really like to SURPRISE people.  Which means, you don't get to see it til it's in your hands.  This delights me. I hope this is okay.

Now, the only caveat is that I am pretty slow.  Figure 2 weeks per drawing.  And I won't start a commission until the last one is finished.  Sorry about that.  But part of this retraining my creative heart thing requires a bit of time to breathe.

See below for my payment information, and bits of art that are already finished and ready for sale.

Cost for a 9"x12" commission is $35 each (June 2020), with a flat rate of $9 for Priority US shipping for up to 4 pieces of art, 9x12 or smaller.  After that, I check what the Post Office wants from me.  I take paypal:

Outside the USA, I'd have to check costs.  But, Holy Cow, it's almost $27.00 priority to ship to Canada.  Factor that into your order. Yikes!

Last small note.  I am currently signing everything "Q 2020".  For the Quarantine.  I think these interesting times deserved recognition.

The rest of my payment information is at the bottom of the page.

- - - Howard the Duck- - - gwen stacy

To see Full Sized Versions, plus other stuff I've done, go to my DEVIANTART page.

I also have several of my quick, Quarantine drawings for sale.  They are 3.5+"x9".  And they are $5 each.  First come, first serve.  I'll update this as I sell them.  

I am also still drawing them around commissions, so more to come.  Check back if you don't see anything that rings your bells.

At this price I can either add them to another order, like the commission above with a standard $10 shipping.  Or I can mail them in a regular envelope for free, but you have to take a chance on it being mauled in the mail.  Is your postal person a nice guy/gal?  Think long and hard about this before choosing the envelope option.

taarna   DS

To see Full Sized Versions, plus other stuff I've done, go to my DEVIANTART page.


9"x12" --  $30 EACH


To see Full Sized Versions, plus other stuff I've done, go to my DEVIANTART page.

I take Paypal. terisuewood at yahoo dot com

If I haven't worked with you before, I ask half down at start.  The remainder of payment is due at completion, with shipping following payment.  I will send you a tracking number.

If we've done business before without problems, no down-payment is necessary.  Full payment is due before shipping.

Facebook Messenger --or-- Email: terisuewood at yahoo dot com


Teri Sue Wood aka Resa Challender

Contact: terisuewood  at  yahoo dot com