All you have to do is give the Dover Publications, WANDERING STAR Omnibus a 4-5 Star Review on Amazon.com!

 Offer begins June 20th, 2016!

Yep, thatís all ya have ta do! Easy-Peasy!

Ya see, according to various authors on the web, any book on Amazon that gathers 50 or more reviews gets an extra bit of promotion on the site. And extra promotion means the possibility of more sales and visibility. Which Iíd really like. And so, I have decided to see if I could seduce 50 of you into going out and doing that. (Points to pretty, sparkly, artwork below.)

I have created SIXTY-THREE approximately 4 1/2 by 6 inch, drawings for this project. Each one is different: some are just pencils, others are inked, and a few have color. Take a look, pick out one you like, and go write me a cool review for the Dover Publications, WANDERING STAR Omnibus on Amazon.com.

Once itís up on the site, email me the link, making sure to put "I reviewed WS!" in subject line of the email.  And Include Your Top Three Choices, cuz they're going FAST!  Once thatís verified, all I need is your mailing addy, and Iíll drop it into a greeting card for protection, and mail it off to you.  (Oh, and the numbers are not on the originals.  Don't worry!)

Now, before you start worrying about your writing skills, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WRITE A WHOLE LOT. Just say ya liked it, and give at least one reason why. And youíre all done! 

See? Easy-Peasy!

But remember, itís first come, first served. So ya might wanna hurry to get the one you want!  And thank you so much for your help!  Who knows?  Maybe this could lead to a WANDERING STAR movie one day.  (((dreams happily)))

Last but not least -- Yes, you can participate if you bought your copy somewhere else.  Just make sure you review it on Amazon.  It's all good!

Teri S. Wood

 (Teresa "The Resa" Challender)

Contact: terisuewood  at yahoo dot com

----------------------------------The Art-----------------------------------

001  002  03  004
005  006  007  008

009  010  011  012
013  014  015  016
017  018  019    020
21  022  23  24
25    026  027  28
029  030  031    032
033  034  035  036
037  038  039  40 taken
041  042  043  044
045  046  047  048
 049 050  051  052
053  054  055  056
057  058059  060
061  062  063