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Animations by Teri S. Wood

My Channel, Teri's Tiny Toons, on Youtube where you can find my Dark Shadows Tiny Toons Fan Animations -- I love that show!! --  and my first few animated music videos.

If you came here wondering if I could do an animation for you, you came to the right place.
I reccomend the following links, if you want to see what I've created recently:

I'm still learning, but if you like what you've seen of my work, this is my current pricing and time.

You supply the soundtrack.  Please take note that you must own or have the right to use all parts/music/sounds in the soundtrack.

I charge $1000 for the first minute of animation, as this is the most complicated part.  This is where I build the character rigs for the animation, the sets, and craft a storyboard of the animation that I will do.

Each following minute is $500, and takes approximately 2 weeks to do. 
If the timing falls short of a minute, an extra 15 seconds is $150, 30 seconds is $250.

And thank you for your interest!  :)

You can email me at terisuewood at gmail dot com if you'd like to find out more.